Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few vintage Halloween cards

I had a couple of hours to decompress this afternoon, so I took advantage of the time and worked on a couple of vintage Halloween cards. I had bought some CD's, a few years ago on eBay, with vintage clip-art and images. This CD is one of my favorites. It has about 250 Halloween images. I don't have too much time to stamp, so I thought I'd play with clip-art, instead. I fell in love with these two images immediately.
I've started a few loads of laundry this afternoon, and in about a 1/2 hour, after my son gets home from school, I will be taking him to his work orientation. We've been running on adrenaline for the past four days. Last night, I was so out of energy, my eyes were close to shutting down as I was driving down the Interstate. My husband's promotion ceremony was really, really nice. A lot of friends and coworkers came out to congratulate him. Brigadier General Mark Owen presented my husband with his new rank. My husband had worked for General Owen earlier this year as his Executive Officer. General Owen is such a nice man and we were very privileged and appreciate that he carved out a few hours of his time to spend with our family. We've had a great time with my husband's family. My nephew is so funny and he's growing up so quickly. It was so much fun going to Hobby Lobby with my sisters-in-law. I've never been able to shop at a craft store with them before. But, with all of this activity (eating out each night and not coming home until 9 PM), Sean, Lucas and I are exhausted. I've asked Sean that we all stay home tonight and just have dinner at home because Lucas is almost running on empty. I think I've caught a cold, but I'm fighting it with medicine. Tomorrow, Sean and I will have lunch with my mother and father in-law before they fly home in the afternoon. It's been a wonderful week. Exhausting, but it's been a lot of fun.


Kim H. said...

So glad you have had GREAT time with family! Sounds like a lot of activity!

Your cards are gorgeous! I need to get me some of the clip art CD's!

Pearl Maple said...

Really sweet cards, Halloween is great fun when seen through the eyes of a child and young at heart.

Anne said...

No falling asleep while driving! No more auto accidents for anyone!!!

I'm glad you're enjoying your visits and having fun, even if it seems to be all crammed up at once. Take a few moments to savor all the wonderfulness!