Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thought for the day (and I'd love your honest opinion)

If you could step away from the internet and cardmaking magazines, re-evaluate your personal style, find your mojo, re-examine your art without being influenced by current trends, how long do you think you would last without looking at someone else's work? Could you do it? Or, are you (no judgement, just wondering) someone who regularly examines what other artists are doing and attempt to give your interpretation of another artist's work?

Personally, I am guilty of using other artists' work for inspiration. Whether it's Tim Holtz's artwork or the cards in the latest stamping catalog....I'm guilty of looking for inspiration elsewhere. Not always. But, sometimes I will do this. I think it's because I'm too afraid (sometimes) that nobody will like what I create if I step out of the box and do something really, really off-the-wall. Sometimes, it's just laziness on my part. On the other hand, I'm equally afraid of my artwork being viewed as "just like the others." Nothing really original about it.

OK....your turn to share. Again, no judgment. I'm just wondering if I'm alone with this point-of-view, or if others share it also.


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Good Morning Miss Ethel!
I subscribe to tons of mags and blogs... and love to look at everyone's creativity...every single day!
I like to go to sleep with one of my mags.. and let all the images swim around in my head...
Yet, I just 'create' without anyone's else's work in front of me... I think their goodies help give me a kick...and deep down in my subconscious their work is giving me inspiration! Does that make any sense????

Erin K said...

First of all you DEFINATELY are doing something of your own on your art. I always know when a piece is done by you. Even Brian, who I show all sorts of stuff to, recognizes your work. No whatever you are doing you are doing it right. :)

So I have thought about this. I don't think I'd care to step away from other people's art as inspiration. I'm almost sure I'd move to other imagery for inspiration. It could be a good thing, but I love the feeling of seeing someone's work and getting motivated to make something of my own. I think I'm pretty good about making things different, even if inspired by others. But in the end I really do think my work is just a hobby. I like to sit down and make something lovely. I don't worry too much about if it's truly original or art, or what it says about me as an "artist". I'm just having fun and playing.

You probably ment your more serious art friends anyhow. haha.

Love you!

Jackie said...

I'm not sure I could create anything without other work for inspiration. I know I spend way too much time "blurfing" and not enough creating but there are so many wonderful artists out there, yourself included! Before blogs there were magazines. I try not to exactly copy anyone else's work but to use it as a starting point to my own personal creation.

Jennifer said...

First I want to mention that I love reading your blog for your art work as well as the thought provoking commentary you post.

I think (JMHO) that all artists are influenced by what is current at the time. If you consider the art of the ages you'll see periods named as a certain style of art and the artists of that era painted, drew, sculpted (and so on) in a style of the times. While each of the great masters had something unique in their art, I have no doubt that they were influenced by one another.

Same with cardmaking/scrapbooking and other arts. I do indeed seek inspiration from magazines and blogs. I've discovered that I love to stamp and color but I'm pretty dull when it comes using my colored image on a card in a layout. I need to glean some tips and tricks from the many fabulous cardmakers. Afterall...isn't that why we have our blogs? To share?

Ethel, you do have a style of your own but you do not limit it to just one genre. Your gift of style transends from cutesy to vintage to collage to classic to elegant and all of the other styles inbetween. It is what makes your art so unique, interesting and beautiful!


Dawn said...

I could do it! I would have a huge headache a lot of times, I was trying to rack my brain the other day for an idea, I had to go onto some blogs to find colors or something to spark my brain to work. I guess as artist something has to inspire us, if it's another persons work or the colors of flower etc. And you work is unique and spectacular and gorgeous. My favorite card sits in front of me from one of my fav artists...YOU!!!!!

Monica-FC said...

I subscribe to 1 mag and it is pack-o-fun and i love that magazine so much. it helps with ideas with nieces and nephews when i craft with them or if i need and ornament or something to give to them. as for stamping/scrapping?? I do my own thing unless there is a challenge or something then that is different. otherwise it is my own thing and it has gotten me into alot of hot water also. some people say I do not have it to stamp, maybe they are just to snooty or something. but to me it is me being me and showing me.relarning alot after losing my eyesight wasn't easy either, and that I had to re-learn on my own also.peopel didn't understand. oh well. maybe sometimes I don't get it straight or right but it is me showing thru and what i like in the long run. :)

Tami Bayer said...

Such an interesting question. I do browse all over for inspiration. Most of the time, that's all it is. Inspiration. I think I forget everything when it's just me and my stamps and ink playing. I don't know that I have a certain style, but I do what pleases me. Occasionally I'll try a technique or use a pattern to try a different shape, but the rest of it comes from somewhere inside.

I think you have a definite style Ethel. When I first started swapping cards online your cards are the ones that drew me in. There is something about your style that inspires me.

Anne said...

I could create for a long while without looking at anyone else's work ... because I **have** to create. I need to do it everyday like I need to breathe.

That being said, I love to be part of a community of artists and just share in all the creative mojo. To share in the universal creative vibe. It gets my juices flowing.

Not necessarily to scraplift or stamplift ... but just seeing all the wonderful expressions of other people's hearts and souls. That is inspiring and makes me want to create, too.