Monday, July 27, 2009

Pictures of my new studio!

I'm almost there! The boxes have been unpacked. Most of the 'stuff' has been put away. The furniture is set up. I just have a few things to organize, but I'm almost ready to start creating, again!!!! Whew! It's been nearly two months since I've sewn or done 'anything' creative!! I'm just itching to start sewing again! So, here are the pictures. The first one is what it looks like as you come to my studio (which is the first room on the left when you reach the top of the stairs):

The next picture shows you this beautiful window and my closet. I really should make curtains for this window, but I hestitate since it may block out some very valuable natural light.

I bought this 'side table' from WalMart, today. This is where I'll place my June Taylor cutting / pressing mat. I read in a book that your 'utility' table should be at a 90-degree angle to your sewing table, if you are going to have one next to your table.

Girl's gotta have a TV!! LOL! I also have a radio in the room. I need some 'noise' when I create.

I can still do some cardmaking and scrapbooking, in here. This is my stash of cardstock, papers, tools, etc. The baskets hold some fabric.
The owners of the house placed these neat shelves just below the ceiling. She also used this as her sewing room, and this is where she placed her antique spools, nick-nacks, etc. I've started to place some of my Longaberger baskets up there, most of which I plan to eventually sell at a garage sale in October.
This is my 'design wall.' It is intentionally 'empty.' This is where I will place blocks as I complete them. I don't know how to create a design-board, just yet, but I'm doing research on it.
Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful day!