Friday, October 5, 2007

Plastic Wrap Crystals

This technique is similar to "smacking acetate." You brayer your dye ink on glossy cardstock (not photo paper). Spritz with water until the ink just starts to run or in my case, "pool." Take a piece of really scrunched up saran wrap or plastic wrap and lay it over the cardstock. Use four "heavier" items to anchor down the corners of your paper; and leave the piece to dry. After it has dried, lift the plastic, and you'll get a "marbled" piece of cardstock (picture 2). I learned this technique from Jan (Far North Designs), who is a Creative Team Member on the Stamp Shack.


Kim- hutchink :) said...

WOW this is so stunning! I love the wolf image you used too! Thank for the instructions!

Heather Grow said...

What a cool background technique. It almost looks marbled. I love those wolves. This would be a great card for a guy.

Karen said...

Love your interpretation of the challenge! Are you changing your whole blog or just some parts of it? I was so surprised when I popped over here and saw the black! But, colors certainly pop off of it!