Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No crafting this evening

Sean and I went for a walk this evening. It's a gorgeous Fall evening. The moon is almost full. The sky was clear. We finished up with supper and decided to go for a walk down to the Starbucks. It's only a mile from our house. Our neighborhood is full of hills and valleys, so it was nice to have a variety of inclines. Lots of houses have decorated for Halloween. This is something I don't get into. While I appreciate all of the effort people go through to decorate their homes and to get dressed up, I just don't decorate for Halloween. I may hang up a fall wreath, but I tend to find all Halloween decor to be tacky. Well, OK, I make an exception. We do like to carve pumpkins. That's about it, though.

After we bought a few drinks, we strolled back to the house. It was nice to have the hot drinks to hold onto because the temps were dropping. Right around this time of year, the evening temps drop into the 40's. It's still bearable, but when the sun goes down, the temps drop quickly. Now, the show "Private Practice" is on. I like this show. Gotta run....Maybe I'll have time to create something tomorrow evening.

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Kim H. said...

mmmmmmm Starbucks Carmel Apple cider and a moonlight walks..... sounds like a perfect night!