Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy World Cardmaking Day!!!

Today is 2007 World Cardmaking Day! And, to help mark the day, I'd like to invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me. I found pictures of my cards from the very first one I made, to one of my favorites from this year. On, I found nearly 500 projects of mine. A collection of cards, tags, photographs and altered art. I can't believe I posted that much on that site! On the Stamp Shack, I'm getting close to 80 gallery posts! Whew! But, since I don't want to bore you, I've picked four cards from the many I've made, I wonder if you'll notice a change in "style?" LOL!
This is my very first rubber stamped card. I visited a rubber stamp store in Minot, North Dakota (my husband was stationed at Miniot AFB between 1998 - 2002). I went to this store with my good friend, Tami, just to accompany her. I had no intention of buying any rubber stamps. I was so intrigued by the time we left. I went back to the store the next day, and the shop owner was demonstrating heat-embossing. Well, I thought I just HAD to give it a try. I bought stamps (two on this card), cardstock, heat tool, powder, Top Boss....all with the intent of making 150 of these puppies! Can you say OUCH?!?!?! My wrist and hand hurt so much from stamping, I decided to put away my rubber stamps for good (or so I thought). Tami thought I had developed a new hobby so she gave me a set of rubber stamps for Christmas. It was a large set of Christmas-theme rubber stamps from Stampin Up. I still have it too! I don't think I'll ever part with it.

So, five years goes by without even giving any thought to stamping. Then, in April, 2004, my next door neighbor told me about a rubber stamp store in town that was going out of business. I said, "Alright. Let's check it out." I went down there and found a gazzillion glorious stamps that I really wanted. All of her stamps were marked 70% off, can you believe it? I spent $60 in stamps and supplies before I left her store. That's $200 worth of products! It's so funny, because back then, I thought my husband would kill me for spending "so much" on stamps! LOL! Now........oh my.......I just have to laught at that thought. hehehehehe Here is a card I made in 2004, after getting back into cardmaking. This is the very first card I'd posted on, circa August, 2004. This is also the first card I'd made for my first swap. It was with a group of cardmakers (and military spouses) at Vandenberg AFB, California.

In one year, I had learned a plethera of techniques. It's amazing what happens when you log on the Internet and connect with others who share your passion for rubber stamping and cardmaking! I joined the PaperCrafts message board; participated in swaps, and just soaked everything and anything I could learn about rubber stamping. I went to a rubber stamping convention shortly before we moved to Nebraska. Shortly after, I learned how to play with a wonderful new product called Alcohol Inks. This is one of the first projects I'd made with AI's, back in 2005:

In 2006, I had one of my cards published in my favorite Stamping Magazines, Stamper Sampler. I created this card in January, 2006, and mailed it to Stampington & Co. I had forgotten about it, thinking it was a long-shot to get published by such an esteemed magazine. I got my card back in the mail in August, later that year. I thought they didn't want to publish it, after all. No letter. No reason why it was sent back. Well, imagine my surprise, when two weeks later, I had a postcard sitting in my mailbox saying that the card was going to appear in the October/November 2006 Stamper Sampler:

Fast-forward to 2007. I joined the Stamp Shack community, and am now a volunteer Creative Team Member. It's amazing how much the stamping industry continues to grow as it continues to struggle. Many shops close down because of a variety of factors. I believe the biggest one is lease being too expensive and not enough folks are shopping. Online shopping has become increasingly popular. Another HUGE change I've seen in the past three years is that unmounted stamps have surged in popularity due to the availability of EZ Mount and Creative Cling. Regardless of the changes, my passion for stamping and cardmaking continues to change and grow. This is a card I made earlier this year, shortly after learning how to color in images with prismacolor pencils and blending with gamsol. If you look to the sidebar, on the right, you'll find other cards and projects I've made over the last two years. Isn't it interesting to see where I had started (my first stamped card, above), to where I am eight years later, today? Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for stopping by!


loobylou said...

Thnks so much for taking us on a journey into your stamping past. It's great to see the path you took to your current amazingness (is that even a word). Anyway I found it inspirational, makes me think that there is hope for me yet!

Happy World Cardmaking Day

Bugga in OK said...


I took your walk down memory lane and enjoyed it tremendously.

I can see by the first card that you made all those years ago that you are a "natural", one of those truly talented and creative people just born to stamp and create.

I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you and all the lovely things you make.


Jailbird said...

I loved reading your stamping history! You have an amazing talent - I'm in awe of you every day!

Jennifer said...

Ethel, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing your journey into your art. I know the adventure is not finished yet and will look forward to watching you grow even more talented (if that is possible) as well as learn new techniques from you. Congratulations on taking that first step years ago and keep on truckin', my friend!

Heather Grow said...

What an amazing journey, Ethel. And to think, I knew you before you were famous. LOL. I hope that you had a wonderful world cardmaking day and that you continue to grow and love stamping.

Aunt T said...

Great blog entry Ethel. You have certainly evolved as an artist over the years. I love your work and you are an inspiration to me too!


Kim- hutchink :) said...

What an amazing journey you have had in the rubber stamping world! Thanks for letting us peek at your world! You are always inspiring to me!

Happy World Card making Day!

Karen said...

I'm glad you fell in love with stamping and found your way back to the craft! There are a small handful of people who have reawakened my own love of this hobby and you are one of them.

Your first card looks a lot like what rubber stamping looked like to me back when I first started in '94. Your AI card looks amazing as does the last card with the have such a talent at putting a lot on a card, whether that be a lot of colors, a lot of stamped layers, a lot of cs layers, and still have each color or item stand out how it is supposed to...shine in the foreground or strongly support in the background. I also remember the Christmas card in Stampers Sampler, but at the time I had no idea of who you I was noticing your work, before I "knew" you! :>

Thanks for taking us down your memory lane and for continuing to inspire me!

:> Karen/TiikkiStars

Beth said...

I really enjoyed reading this posting.