Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've had a FABULOUS week!

So, it may look like I've neglected my blog. Well, I have, Sort of. I've neglected my blog and made some valuable time for myself. In this past week, I've hit the gym FOUR times! Yes, Sirree!! I've had a great cardio workout, between 60 - 70 minutes each time I went to the gym. Today, I decided not to go the gym, because the weather outside is just gorgeous. Instead, I walked around my neighborhood. They don't call my neighborhood Hickory Hills for nothing. LOL! I walked a mile-and-a-half, and 75% of it was uphill. No snow. I'm lucky. hehehhehe. When I got home, I got in the bathtub and soaked my sore legs until the water turned cold. Are you wondering whey I say this has been a fabulous week? Because, all-in-all, I've lost SIX POUNDS in this past week, ALONE! Can you believe it?????? No diet pills. No diet, really. I've reduced my fat and caloric intake, is all. No deprivation, either. I've had some chocolate this week. I can't believe how well my body has responded to the exercise. So, my goal is to do two consecutive days of vigorous cardio; rest on the third day; and then start again (two days of exercise, one day of rest). After I've built up some stamina, I'm going to incorporate strength training into my weekly routine. I'm hoping that I'll hit my goal weight by next summer. I'm being generous. I don't want to lose the weight too quickly, have all flab and no muscle. Slow and steady is how I want to do this. Wish me luck!


Jennifer said...

Way to go Ethel! That's terrific!! I wish we lived close enough that I could walk with you. My dogs would love it too to have additional walking company.

Keep on track and I'm sure you'll reach your goal. It is a great plan!

Sue McGettigan said...

Bravo Ethel, woo hoo!! That's great to hear, well done you :)

Jovita said...

You go girl, great accomplishment this week :)