Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh beautiful for spacious skies....

Road trip!

Saturday morning, we slept in until 10 AM. Then, as we all rolled out of bed, we collectively decided, "Hey! Let's go to West Des Moines for the day!" Sean asks me if I wanted to stay there overnight. I agreed it would be fun to do that since that would mean we wouldn't be rushed to do a bunch of stuff, and then rush to get home soon after dark. We made reservations at the Marriott Residence Inn, showered, packed a bag, and took off. On the way to West Des Moines, which is about 120 miles east of Omaha, we decided to take a detour.

We passed quite a number of interesting sights, such as this spotted horse:

Eventually, we arrived at our first stop:

Hogback Bridge is one of the world-famous covered bridges of Madison County, Iowa. As you walk through the bridge, you'll notice knife carvings of initials as well as handwritten messages and names on the interior walls of the bridge. We decided to add our names to the bridge, also.

We got back on the road, and arrived at West Des Moines at around 3:30 PM. Of course, if you knew me, you'd agree that I would have already marked on a map all of the rubber stamping and scrapbook stores in the area, before leaving our house. LOL! We made a pit stop at Outstamping. Surprisingly, I didn't really find anything in there that I wanted to buy. We shopped at the store next door to Oustamping and bought some homemade fudge. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Joe's Crab Shack before going to Archiver's.

Check this out! At the hotel, they had my name in the lobby, just because I'm a Marriott Rewards Elite Member! LOL! That's funny!

A trip to Jordan Creek Town Center is always interesting. We ended up shoe-shopping and then relaxed at Barnes and Noble. I found the Just Cards magazine where my card made it on the front cover. It's the card with the House Mouse stamp. Too cool!

We woke up this morning wanting to visit at least one, if not two more covered bridges. But, when we turned on the TV, we saw several announcements of Thunderstorm watches throughout Madison and Pottawatamie County. We didn't want to take the chance of being caught, given this past week's deadly storms and tornadoes. So, we just decided to head home soon after breakfast. As you can see, the skies were pretty ominous. But, overall, we had a terrific time, and my husband got to enjoy this Father's Day weekend! I'd bet a lot of folks who live out here don't realize how beautiful this country truly is. We are very blessed that we have the opportunity to explore the country, as we live in various cities around the United States. We hope to visit the other bridges, someday, before the Air Force moves us once more.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love the blog and I am inspired by your cards!

Anonymous said...

awesome roadtrip!! I love the pics and your commentary

Kim H. said...

WOW what gorgeous photos you took on your road trip! So glad you all had a wonderful time!

Congratulations on be on the cover of Just Cards:)

Karen said...

What fun you all seemed to have had! We love country drives and seeing what they have to show us. Thanks for sharing a piece of the pretty countryside somewhat close to your neck of the woods!
:> Karen/TiikkiStars

shuggy said...

what a great trip! glad you had a good time!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Wonderful post!!!!! I love this roadtrip stuff and seeing a part of the world I haven't!
Thanks Ethel!!!!

Cathy said...

Wow Ethel l enjoyed your pictures, l loved the old bridge..and we have a saying when you go though an old bridge you must kiss your loved one in the middle of the bridge..
Congratulations on being on the cover of just did an awesome job it looks so cool..l'm picking up a copy of this mag..this week l can't wait to get it..
l love the pictures on your blog thanks for sharing your great trip with us..

Jennifer said...

Ethel, thank you SO MUCH for taking me with you (virtually, that is) on your wonderful road trip. I loved every single photo. The bridges and windmill and horses...beautiful!

And tell me just what are you feeding Lucas? The lad has grown SO TALL. I still think of him as a little boy. You've got a beautiful family.

Congratulations of your cover photo publication. You are the best!

Jennifer :)

Mrs. Fence said...

Glad you had a great trip! Congrats on the card, thats awesome! Thanks for sharing.

lakeslady said...

Lovely to meet your family Ethel, how old is your son? he looks as if he is going to be quite tall.
What a nice documented trip you have given us to look at, and I am so pleased you had such a wonderful weekend.
Thank you again for the kindness you showed to me, in the RAK that arrived on Saturday.
Maybe just some day in your travels, you will be able to call and have tea with me.
Many blessing to you all

Thanh said...

Oh my your son is getting super tall Ethel!!! He sure is growing, isnt he.

Thanks for the photos and Im glad to see your family out and about. I cant rememebr if I already told you, but congrats on your publication in Just Cards!

Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing your trip!! the pics are lovely. I love reading and seeing things from others travels...woo hoo..sounds like you had a great weekend..