Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boyds Bears Double Pocket Cards

I learned how to make the quarter-fold double-pocket cards using the tutorial on Stamperdog has some of the best easy-to-follow and FUN stamping and cardmaking tutorials on the internet. I recently acquired these three Boyds Bears rubber stamps. My friend, Joanie, introduced me to them. She and I are very good at 'enabling' each other when it comes to rubber stamp purchases. As you can see, with the first card I made, there are two pockets inside. One holds a tag, and the second (larger) pocket will hold a piece of paper with a handwritten note to the recipient. I hpoe you will pay a visit to Stamperdog's website and take a moment to try your hand at making a double-pocket card, also.


Thanh said...

Pfft! Do I even need to comment? Great cards as usual, Ethel.

Kim H. said...

OMG my stars these boyds cards are so dang sweet! I love the double pocket too! Have a wonderful Sunday!