Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

Trish D'Antonio tagged me! You can read all about it on her blog Tah-Dah! Getting creative with paper, stamps and ink. I'm supposed to write down seven things that are weird about me. Hmmm.........that leaves so much open for interpretation. But, I'll give it a shot. Here goes:
1) I don't like peanut butter. How un-American of me, huh? The only time I'll eat peanut butter is if it's spread thinly, and if it's mixed in with something else like chocolate or honey.
2) Some would say that having a pierced nose is weird, so I'll include that in my list.
3) I have a hole on the side of my head (not my two ears, but a third hole). Apparently. when the skin around my skull was forming in the womb I developed a sort-of belly-button. It's not huge. Maybe the size of a pin-head, but it's just to the side of my left ear. Very strange, but it's there.
4) I drool when I'm in a fit of laughter. My husband will attest to that.
5) I like to burp in my husband's ear to annoy him (again, he'll attest to this).
6) I will put up the Christmas Tree on Thanskgiving evening and take it down the day after Christmas. No ifs, ands or buts. I'm "efficient" that way. LOL! I'll start playing Christmas music in November. I would put up the tree on November 15th, if allowed to, but there's this American Holiday known as Thanksgiving that kinda gets in the way. LOL!
7) I love a lot of Flilipino delicacies which would cause my husband to wear a clothespin on his nose to eat. I won't go into the explicit details of these delicacies, but I would liken it to Scottish folks loving haggis or Australians loving vegemite.

OK......now that you know seven weird things about me.....feel free to post something weird about yourself!


Trish D said...

Thanks for playing along!! :)

Dawn said...

Ethel, These were very funny. I guess the weirdest thing about me is that I will pass gas any where at anytime..LOL..And my friends will atest to that....LOL