Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ruffle Scarves

I discovered a new yarn called Ruffle Yarn. It's so cool! It looks like regular yarn when it's on the skein; but once you unravel it, it looks like netting. I went on YouTube and learned how to knit a simple ruffle yarn scarf. This yarn for this blue scarf is called Starbella. I believe there are 18 different colors. It took just three hours to complete one scarf. So simple and yet so cute when it's all finished. The yarn is also very soft and it drapes beautifully.
This is a closeup of the ruffles.
I started on a red scarf for my son's friend.
This is a closeup of what the yarn looks like when you open it up.


Jennifer said...

Ethel, these both are very, VERY lovely. I sure wish I knew how to knit. It's the one needle art that I've never learned. Your scarves are beautiful.

Sue McGettigan said...

Your scarves are wonderful Ethel - I saw this yarn at CHA and wondered how on earth would I use it?? This is perfect!