Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cards for Troops

I got busy this evening and made 20 cards for US and Canadian Troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea. Since the folks in Iraq and Afghanistan don't have access to a Hallmark Store, I wanted to pitch in and contribute cards to be sent to them so they have something to send to loved ones back home. This is part of an ongoing effort on I'm trying to meet a goal of at least 10 handmade cards each day/night. Usually, I make pretty elaborate cards with many layers and sometimes, many embellishments. Since these cards needed to be light (so all they have to do is place just one postage stamp on the envelope), I hade to be sure not to overdo it with layers and embellishing. Also, since the soldiers are going to need cards for a multitude of events and purposes, I tried to make most of the cards as generic in theme as possible.


Sue McGettigan said...

Ethel these are wonderful - bravo to you for making such a great effort!

LuckysKid said...

Hon, these look great! The "western" card does look pretty cool. Have a good night.

Nancy Ward said...

Hi Ethel,

Wanted you to know I tagged you a couple of days ago...hope you don't mind!

Nancy Ward

Cathy said...

Ethel, how beautiful are these? If I ever need a reason to fall back in love with my paper arts crafts, I know where to come! A visit to your blog is always so delightful!!!! You have no idea how often I've thought, "I'd love to get my hands on your stamps!" What a wonderful collection!!!